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Thanks to our current donors!

Thanks to all our current donors that include the Tarsadia Foundation, Deshpande Foundation, Guru Krupa Foundation, Dr. Anand Deshpande and Mrs. Sonali Deshpande, Salesforce #SouthAsiaForce and close to 1,100 individual donors from India and the US! Starting May 2018, their collective contributions of approximately $292,000 to Nalanda 2.0 have partially funded its journey to advance its mission. 

What are donors saying?

“I share Nalanda 2.0's dream to see a world-class higher education system in India, and I admire Nalanda 2.0 for embarking on a challenging mission to make this dream come true. My financial contribution is a small show of support for this mission. I urge every one who shares the same dream to come forward and support this mission in whatever small or big way possible.”

— Dr. Rakesh Misra, co-founder, Uhana; Stanford and IIT alumnus

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