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2020 Year-End Giving Season Campaign Details: 

Thanks to donations from over 1,050 individuals like yourself, and corporations, and foundations, we are now on the cusp of launching a first-of-its-kind multidisciplinary research university in India. 


This Giving Season make a generous gift to Nalanda 2.0 and help launch a first-of-its-kind multidisciplinary research university in India in 2021/2022. This will empower people and society for generations to come.

In the knowledge economy, nations with great universities will thrive. The great universities of the world - be it Stanford, UC Berkeley or MIT of today, or Nalanda of ancient India - are multidisciplinary in nature; serve as engines for research, education, and innovation; drive economic growth; solve the problems of society and humanity; and make lives better for people. India needs many such universities. Even after over 70 years of independence India does not have even one world-class multidisciplinary university. 
With dedicated efforts over the past 2.5 years, Nalanda 2.0 has:

  1. Assembled an exceptional team in academia, industry, and start-ups from India, Singapore, UAE, and the US, 

  2. Developed an actionable plan to build the university,

  3. Received support of industry executives and government officials, 

  4. Shortlisted locations for the university, 

  5. Established a growing network of AI experts who are ready to join or partner with the university, and

  6. Started receiving pledges for its Phase 1 fundraising goal of $70 Million in philanthropic contributions. 


With your donation and support, Nalanda 2.0 will:

  1. Finalize a location and secure land for the university, 

  2. Raise philanthropic funding for Phase 1 of the university, 

  3. Execute on foundational actions, and 

  4. Expand the founding team of administrators and faculty members 


- all in time for a launch in late 2021 / early 2022.