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Help advance the mission to empower people and benefit society. 

Make a donation to Nalanda 2.0.   

There are several ways to make a donation to Nalanda 2.0:

  1. Credit card or PayPal: click on the Donate button on this page. (USA)

  2. Check payable to Nalanda 2.0, P.O. Box 14841, Fremont, CA 94539. (USA)

  3. PayPal (Global)

  4. Via your company's giving portal and multiply your impact. 

Nalanda 2.0 is now eligible for employee-matching program in companies such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, Adobe, Applied Materials, Sony, LinkedIn, Nvidia, Synopsis, Cisco, VMware, Salesforce, TIAA, T-Mobile, and Apple. Check your company's giving website and multiply your giving to Nalanda 2.0.

Nalanda 2.0 (EIN 36-4878144) is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section (IRC) 501 (c) (3). Donors can deduct their contributions that they make to Nalanda 2.0 under IRC Section 170.


This Giving Season make a generous gift to Nalanda 2.0 and help launch a first-of-its-kind multidisciplinary research university in India. This will empower people and society for generations to come.

In the knowledge economy, nations with great universities will thrive. The great universities of the world - be it Stanford, UC Berkeley or MIT of today, or Nalanda of ancient India - are multidisciplinary in nature; serve as engines for research, education, and innovation; drive economic growth; solve the problems of society and humanity; and make lives better for people. India needs many such universities. Even after over 70 years of independence India does not have even one world-class multidisciplinary university. 
With dedicated efforts over 6
 years, Nalanda 2.0 has made significant progress:

  1. Exceptional team: established and strengthened (2018 - present)

  2. Actionable plan: developed (2018-ongoing)

  3. Section 8 company in India & Board of Directors: established (Oct. 2020)

  4. Legal counsel, external auditors, accounting firm: in place (2020/2021)

  5. Ekagrid brand and logo designed and website: launched (Feb. 2021)

  6. Key endorsements: received (Feb. 2021)

  7. Trademarks for Ekagrid, Ekagrid Foundation, Ekagrid University: registered (April 2021)

  8. First MOU with a research center at a premier research university: signed (July 2021)

  9. 12A and 80G approvals: received (Sep. 2021)

  10. Land and regulatory approvals: deeply engaged with several governments (2018 - present), signed two MoUs with the Karnataka government to acquire 200 acres of land in Bengaluruu, and for passing the Ekagrid University Act (Nov. 2021) 


With your donation and support, Nalanda 2.0 will:

  1. Raise $150M in Phase 1 funding

  2. Select VC and the founding team

  3. Purchase land and pass the Ekagrid University Act

  4. Develop digital platform architecture and plan

  5. Establish additional partnerships 

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